Our service model is aligned to critical decision points to support. The achievement of client’s financial and operational target taking into consideration their unique requirements, we design a door-to-door logistics solution by undertaking a five phased Value Chain Analysis.

1. Analyse

Understand client’s unique requirements and especially their budget

Proactive liaison with suppliers to agree deadlines

Analyse cargo packing requirements

Agree lead times related to pre and post shipments

2. Plan

Create logistics schedule according to deadlines

Understand commercial requirement for transfer of goods

Review in-country requirements at departure and arrival points

Develop a transport plan

Select appropriate packing and transport mode

3. Price

Understand contracted terms of trade

Assess options based on time and budget constraints

Develop price strategy and suggest solutions based on project requirements

4. Execute

Engage carriers as per transport plan

Prepare necessary paperwork with suppliers and consignee

Arrange pre-shipment and post-shipment inspections where required

5. Control

Maintain continuous visibility of cargo through our tracking system

Provision of real-time information to ensure client is always informed

Proactive onsite meetings between clients, suppliers and project team to meet deadlines

Maintain full operational control throughout the shipment process